The four culprits of obesity: soup, sugar, lying, hot

There are many reasons for obesity: too much intake-big fish and meat every day, getting out of the restaurant, entertainment; too little exercise-driving to work, going up and down the elevator, not exercising; family genetics, and environmental conditions , socioeconomic and psychological factors Both have a relationship. For example, some people feel very grieved: I don t eat more than others. I usually pay attention to exercising, why do I still get fat? Really fat even when drinking water! This is related to genetics.

In response to this, scientists are studying whether the gene for obesity is knocked out and people will lose weight? This is feasible in mouse experiments. By knocking out the obesity gene, fat mice did succeed in losing weight. However, the knock- out treatment is still scarce in humans, because there are many other genes next to the obesity gene, and the risk is too high.

Modern science is also studying. Is obesity also a viral infection? Because everyone found an interesting phenomenon: colleagues in some departments usually eat and drink together, and the collectives are very fat, or some siblings, who live together, are also relatively fat, like a cold infection. These have not yet reached specific conclusions.

Some people summarized the four-character classics of obesity-soup, sugar, lying, and hot, which makes sense. I like to drink soup, especially some elderly people think that leftovers and leftovers are a pity. They like to drink up and eat up. They like to lie down and eat a bag of melon seeds snacks after dinner.; Also like hot food, eat quickly, are all likely to cause obesity.

After entering the 21st century, obesity has become a serious health problem faced by many developed and developing countries. Obesity has been listed as four major social medical problems along with AIDS, drug use, and alcohol. Scholar Kaplan even sees obesity as the beginning of a death quartet.

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