The importance of nourishing the liver in spring

Spring is the best time for us to nourish and protect the liver, but it is also a season of frequent liver disease. If we do not pay attention to nourishing the liver and protect the liver in the spring, then the liver-qi depression is very easy to get sick. As life in nature, as the climate and solar terms and other environmental conditions change, the operating status of our internal organs will also change. Therefore, we should strengthen the health care of the liver, so as to truly nourish and protect the liver.

Spring is when the liver qi is the most full and the liver fire is the most prosperous. At this time, people are most likely to get angry. If you don t pay attention to rest, it will seriously affect our physical health. In addition, liver and gallbladder are echoed. The anger of the liver can only be diffused through the passage of the bile.

Therefore, many people will feel inexplicably dry and bitter mouths and severe breath in this season. They also feel the symptoms of sore shoulders, migraines, sore ribs, pain in the buttocks and the outside of thighs. This is a reminder that we should protect the liver. Liver.

We can press the Taichong acupoint on the liver meridian to achieve analgesic effect effectively, because the place where the pain mentioned above is the course of the bile meridian.

Only when we protect the liver in spring can we maintain our body well. With smooth liver and smooth blood, we can achieve the purpose of preventing illness and keeping in good health.

Patients with liver disease have a characteristic that their immune function is low, and the most obvious manifestation is that the virus in the body is very difficult to remove, and the disease is easy to recur.

Frequent selenium supplementation is to supplement our body with immune modulators, which can effectively stimulate the humoral immunity and cellular immune system, enhance the immune system function, and help improve various symptoms of patients with liver disease.

For example, patients with hepatitis A and B who often supplement selenium can greatly improve symptoms such as lack of appetite and dull face in a relatively short period of time, and we can often take liver tablets with selenium malt powder and schisandra as main ingredients. Regulating our body s immunity is very helpful for nourishing and protecting the liver, and it can also increase the appetite of patients with liver disease and benefit the health of patients with liver disease.

Taichong acupoint is located on the dorsal side of the foot, the depression between the first and second metatarsal bone junction. Taichong acupoint is one of the important acupuncture points on the human foot Jue Yin liver meridian, and is the original acupoint of the liver meridian , which is roughly equivalent to storing the liver meridian. The warehouse of vitality, often presses and stimulates the Taichong acupoint, which can well mobilize the vitality of the liver meridian and restore liver function to normal.

Liganshu acupoint is located on our back, which is the back of acupoint of the liver, and it is also a water pool where the vitality of the liver converges on the back of our body. Ganshu acupoint is an important vital point for health .

The combination of Ganshu acupoint and Taichong acupoint can effectively nourish the liver and yin, not only to nourish the liver, but also to soften the liver. Its main method of acupoint selection is the prone position, under the spinous process of the ninth thoracic vertebra , the side of the tendon is opened 1.5 Take an acupuncture point.

The acupuncture point is on the seam between our big toe and the two toe. It is a fire point. The liver is wood, and the wood is a fire. If our liver fire is too strong, then pressing the kneading point can relieve the liver fire.

Traditional Chinese medicine, in theory, the liver is open to the eye, so if our liver is damaged, then we will feel the eyes are particularly dry, and we will feel very sleepy.

The sun in spring is warm but not intense. We can relax and face the sun, close our eyes, let the glass windows and eyes and faces filter out the excessively strong sun rays, let the warm eyes penetrate into the eyeballs, and at the same time turn the eyes, then Turn it slowly ten times in the clockwise direction, and turn it ten times counterclockwise, and it will last 15 minutes a day.

Liver In the spring when all things are recovering, the liver is prone to prosper, and the liver is responsible for draining and hiding blood in our body. Therefore, in the spring, health care should conform to the characteristics of natural hair growth and smoothness , with liver nourishment as the priority, rubbing some liver nourishing points, and paying attention to selenium supplementation and eye protection, the purpose of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver can be achieved smoothly.

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