The winter solstice health is important to keep in mind, keep in mind 5 warm winter days

This year s winter solstice is December 22, what should the winter solstice keep in mind? I will introduce you to the winter solstice health knowledge comprehensively, from heart-building to living to diet tonic, so that you can enjoy the winter.

Weather The winter solstice is getting colder and colder. From the perspective of TCM health, what aspects should the winter solstice keep in mind? Take a look at these winter health tips.

The focus of the winter solstice regimen is to cultivate the mind. We must first cultivate a kind and generous heart, and we should be free from worry. In winter, keep calm and keep your mind calm and optimistic. Don t worry about trivial matters. Don t force fame and gains and losses. Avoid long-term overload operation to prevent overwork and overwork.

When the winter solstice enters the solar term, the temperature drop will further increase. The most important health of the winter solstice is to keep warm. If the body is warm, the qi and blood will be smooth, and many diseases can be avoided. Keep warm emphasizes the head and feet.

As the saying goes, the cold starts from the feet, the feet are farthest from the heart, the blood supply is slow and small, the subcutaneous fat is thin, and the heat retention is poor. Once cold, it will cause the capillary of the airway mucosa to contract and reduce the resistance to disease, Cause respiratory infections, so in the cold winter solstice, foot warming should also be strengthened.

In the living, you should go to bed early and wake up late, wait for the sun to appear before going out. At the same time, wear more clothes to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities and prevent excessive consumption of yang.

Having a regular life, raising his gods, not working too hard, raising his spirits, if the winter season can reasonably arrange daily living and rest, you can maintain the vitality, work and rest can moderately raise their kidney essence. Try to do not sprint, listen at ears, watch not at all, sit for too long, and stay very tired.

In sports, because of the heavy snow and solar terms hidden in everything, sports and health must also follow the laws of nature. It is not appropriate to do too intense activities. For example, do stretching exercises every day when the sun is good ( 9-10 am or 2-3 pm).

In foods that are suitable for winter, Chinese medicine is divided into several categories. Cold weather, warm food is preferred. Such as chicken, mutton, beef, catfish and so on. The above are all delicious and can be used as supplements in winter. But eating too much warm foods is easy to get angry.

There is also a class of nourishing foods, which have the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, filling essence and nourishing the marrow. Mainly include: fungus, black date, sesame, black beans, pork spine, sea cucumber, turtle meat, turtle , abalone and so on.

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