Three tricks to get rid of children

The weather is getting warmer every day, but the children seem to be getting sleepier every day. Either they can t get up in the morning or doze off frequently in class. The babies seem to sleep longer during the day than usual … It seems to be more than adults They cried for spring, and even the children were poisoned by spring. What exactly caused the child to be sleepy? How should parents cope with their children s spring difficulties?

Why do children have spring difficulties? In fact, spring sleep is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it is also a physiological adjustment process of the human body to seasonal changes. As the weather gradually warms, people s blood circulation speeds up, and their oxygen consumption is large, and they will naturally have a lack of brain support and a lack of energy. In particular, children with obese children are more vulnerable to spring difficulties, because obese people usually have worse blood supply than normal people.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, spleen deficiency and dampness are the main reasons for spring sleepiness. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spring is the season when yang occurs, and yang will evacuate outward and flow to the extremities, but the larger humidity in the air can easily block the evacuation of yang, so people s limbs cannot get enough yang, so Symptoms of fatigue and drowsiness can occur. At the same time, when the moisture enters the human body, the spleen and stomach become wet, which makes the blood gas not run smoothly, and the meridians are not connected, which causes the human body to feel tired and lethargic.

Although spring sleepiness is normal, just like Duan Zi said, spring sleepiness, lack of summer, weakness in summer, and sleep in winter, some children may be prone to sleepiness all year round. The root cause at this time should be insufficient sleep.

It is said that spring is the season when children grow taller. Children sleep more and help to grow their bodies. Then, should children be allowed to doze off during the day? In fact, falling asleep in the spring seems to ease the temporary discomfort , but it is bad for your health. Sleeping too long will further reduce the blood flow in the brain and inhibit the excitement of the cerebral cortex. The more you sleep, the less you wake up, but the more tired you are. To solve the problem of spring difficulties, we must start with the child s physical regulation, which mainly includes the following three aspects:

Letting your baby sleep more in the spring is really good for growing your body, but this time of sleep is also particular about. Snoring during the daytime does not help your child grow. The key to a child s sleepiness during the day is to sleep much at night, and to get up early and get up late is more scientific than to get up late. For preschool children, it is usually best to fall asleep from 9 to 9:30 in the evening. Too late to sleep is more likely to cause excitement to fall asleep, and it is more likely to become sleepy the next day, thus forming a vicious circle.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, spleen deficiency and dampness is the reason for children s sleepiness, and strengthening physical activity, especially outdoor sports, is good for removing moisture from the body and driving away tiredness. Parents can allow their children to be outdoors for a period of time every day. On weekends, they can go out for spring outings in the countryside together. Not only can they make the baby feel relaxed and happy, but they can also promote the body s metabolism. It is excellent for spring sleepiness. Mitigation effect.

Some experts also believe that spring sleepiness is related to insufficient human vitamin intake, lack of protein, and an acidic environment. In response to this situation, you can adjust your child s diet. For example, let your child eat more vitamin -rich fruits and vegetables such as cherries, strawberries, peppers, and kiwis. Add fish, eggs, milk, soy products, and pigs appropriately. Liver, chicken, peanut and other foods to ensure the body s high-quality protein needs; eat more foods with more alkali content, such as spinach, amaranth, toon, leek and so on.

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