Weight loss in children increases self-confidence

Obesity has become a new problem that seriously endangers the physical and mental health of children in China. At present, China s obese children are growing at an annual rate of 9.1%. The severity of childhood obesity is worrying and must be paid great attention by the society.

The degree of obesity in children can be divided into three levels. Mild weight is 20% -30% above the standard weight of normal children, moderate is over 30% -50%, and severe is over 50%. The more severe the obesity , the greater the harm to children s health.

Obesity can cause damage to multiple systems such as circulation, breathing, digestion, endocrine, and immunity, affecting children s intelligence, behavior, psychology and sexual development. Obesity has seven major harms to children s physical and mental health:

1. Obese babies learn to walk later than normal babies, and because of the heavy load on the joints, they are easy to wear and cause joint pain. It is also easy to develop deformities such as flat feet, varus or varus of the knee , and varus of the hip joint. Coupled with obesity, it can lead to clumsy movements and prone to accidents.

2. Obesity may cause young children to have difficulty breathing, which is more prone to pneumonia, bronchitis, and even severe sleep apnea syndrome. The interval between each breath after sleep is prolonged, resulting in hypoxia, which will always occur during the day. Drowsiness, lack of energy, and oral deformities affect aesthetics. Long-term cerebral hypoxia leads to decreased academic performance.

3. Early occurrence of adult chronic diseases. The popular view in the past was that adolescent diabetes is type 1 diabetes. However, the current type 2 diabetes in children is growing at an alarming rate. Obesity obviously leads to children with type 2 diabetes. The youngest child in Beijing is only 1 year old.

Obesity is accompanied by hypertension and fatty liver, which accelerates the formation of arteriosclerosis, which makes the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease early in adulthood. There are cholelithiasis, osteoporosis and so on.

4.Affect children s normal sexual development, children have low secretion of growth hormone, disorders of sex hormone secretion, girls have precocious puberty, and boys have short genitalia, which can cause mild sexual dysfunction, impotence, and early sexual confusion, fear , and anxiety And other adverse psychological conditions, affecting children s learning and life. It will even affect the life of future couples.

5. Causes psychological damage to children and adolescents. Obese children have lower total IQs and operators than healthy children. Their activities, learning, and communication skills are low. Over time, depression and inferiority will occur, making children sensitive to interpersonal relationships, introverted personality, and social adaptability. Low, affecting children s mental health.

6. Incidence of tumors has increased. Obesity can inhibit the body s immune function, especially the marked decrease in cell activity, and also lead to metabolic syndrome. Nearly ten diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and tumors occur on this soil.

7. Obesity is more likely to occur in adulthood. The dangerous age of obesity in children and adolescents is: pregnant women are obese before pregnancy, excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and diabetes is missed during pregnancy, resulting in a birth weight of more than 8 kg;

First The first year after birth; four periods of childhood and adolescence of 5 to 7 years. Once an obese child enters adulthood, due to the double abnormality in the number and volume of fat cells, body weight is rarely reduced. Foreign data show that the probability of childhood obesity leading to adult obesity is: 14-month infant obesity leads to adult obesity; 14%; 7-year-old obesity is 41%; 10 to 13-year-old obesity is 70%;

Not only is the risk of obese children developing into adult obesity, but child obesity directly affects the morbidity and mortality of many chronic diseases after adulthood. Therefore, obese children urgently need to lose weight. However, what methods can help obese children lose weight ?

Massage to lose weight is a safe, effective, non-invasive, no side effect, less money, quick, easy to accept for children; massage can also be applied in the family, so it is also a kind of parents can easily help children lose weight method.

The first step is to lie on the child s back. Parents use their palms to rub around the navel of the child s abdomen for about two minutes; then use the palms of the palms of the hands to press and rub clockwise on the abdomen of the child, from the ascending colon to the transverse colon and then to the descending colon. Press and knead for about 4 minutes. The speed of kneading should be faster than before. This method can regulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, spleen and dampness, and accelerate the decomposition of excess subcutaneous fat.

Step 2 Massage the obese part of the child and the part related to the flow of lymph fluid. In this way, you can lose weight by promoting metabolism. The parts of the body that are related to the flow of lymph fluid are the armpits, between the breasts (milk ducts), the waist and the back of the knees.

When parents touch the lymph nodes with their fingers, the child will feel pain, but as the number of massages increases, the pain will disappear. The massage time in this step is preferably 20 minutes to 30 minutes. At the end, clockwise circular massage is performed on the abdomen. This can help digestion and help to expel waste from the body.

The third step is to first press the area of ​​rubbing back acupoints, taking the skin redness as the degree, focusing on rubbing acupoints of spleen Yu, Ganshu, Dachangshu, and Shenshu. Next click Sanyinjiao, left and right points for 1 minute to 2 minutes.

Parents should pay attention to the degree of fever when rubbing between the child s back and scapula; after the massage, the child should take a rest. Usually, urination after the child s treatment is a good indication of massage.

Many Children in Hong Kong successfully controlled their weight by playing games. The latest research shows that children playing happily can not only cultivate sports interest, but also enhance children s cardiopulmonary function, muscle strength, and exercise continuity, and can effectively avoid weight rebound after using traditional methods to lose weight.

The Hong Kong Hospital asked 20 children who were overweight to participate in a two-hour “game weight loss plan” twice a week at the end of last year. The content focused on “happy” and “workout” activities such as mini rugby, hide and seek Dodgeball and more.

Twenty-five weeks later, experts found that not only did these children continue to gain weight, but their lung capacity increased by nearly 10%, and their ability to move and control significantly improved.

Experts also remind parents that once any centralized weight loss exercise stops, weight will rebound. Only by developing good diet and exercise habits can the problem of childhood obesity be fundamentally solved.

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