What are the dangers of an interruption?

[Introduction] I am 38 years old and have strong sexual function. I have heard from my friends that sexual intercourse is frequent and excessive, which can easily lead to kidney deficiency and loss of life. Dr. Sex, is there any harm in interrupting sexual intercourse?

After marriage, it is a normal physiological phenomenon for men and women to have sex. However, frequent sexual intercourse, intemperance, will damage kidney and sperm, which is not good for health. There are the following aspects:

The first is susceptible to impotence. During the sexual life, the sexual central nervous activity is in an excited state, and the sexual organs are also in a congested state. If you desire and forbearance during orgasm, you will increase the burden on the sexual nervous system and sexual organs due to excessive congestion. Over time, you can induce impotence.

Twenty-two is prone to prostatitis. Generally speaking, after normal sexual life, the sexual organs gradually weakened, and the blood flow in the penis returns to normal after 10 to 20 minutes. If it is interrupted, the speed of blood flow recovery in the sexual organs will be slowed down, resulting in a congested state of the sexual organs and a prolonged period of congestion in the prostate, prone to aseptic prostatitis, urinary inability to urinate, poor urination drip, and urethral pain Discomfort and other symptoms.

Thirty-three is the normal physiological phenomenon when no longer having sex. If you do not tolerate it, over time, it will affect the function, which will cause time delay, unpleasantness, and even no.

Twenty-fourth is the sudden interruption of blood spermatogenesis, the prolongation of the congestion of the sexual organs will be prolonged, the seminal vesicles will be congested, the blood will stagnate, and the capillaries on the wall of the seminal vesicle will be burned.

Twenty-five is sperm premature ejaculation because of tolerance, the semen accumulated during sexual excitement no way, but in the end is to find a way out of the body, this way is the spermatorrhea. In addition, it can cause premature ejaculation . The above points show that disruption is harmful. Although it is said that there should be some restraint in sexual life, but don t put up with it, it will help health and extend life.

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