What are the dangers of childhood obesity? How to prevent childhood obesity?

Obesity is very harmful to children. Obesity will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, and will affect the health of the heart. It will also increase the burden on the heart. It will easily cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The dangers of childhood obesity are very serious. Big.

Hypertension is a common complication of obesity. Childhood obesity can cause various functions to decline, and it will seriously affect the health of the body. It can easily lead to the onset of hypertension and even lead to sudden death. Childhood obesity can easily induce hypertension and Coronary heart disease.

The dangers of childhood obesity are very large. Children s obesity can affect metabolism in the body, and cause endocrine abnormalities, which will cause a variety of metabolic diseases. Diabetes and hyperlipidemia are common complications of obesity. Parents should avoid their children Obese body .

Parents should correctly guide their children s diet, and properly add food to their children, control the intake of fat and calories, do not let children eat too many sweets, otherwise it will easily lead to the onset of obesity, usually encourage children to eat more leafy vegetables At the same time, you should eat more fresh fruits.

Parents should encourage their children to participate in outdoor exercises. Persistence in physical exercise can accelerate the excretion of body fat, and can effectively avoid fat accumulation. It can effectively avoid the obesity of children. Sedentary inactivity can cause body heat and fat accumulation, which is easy. Causes childhood obesity.

Developing good living habits can effectively avoid obesity. Reasonably arranging and adjusting your sleep time can effectively prevent childhood obesity. A good mood can promote the operation of various physiological functions and can effectively prevent the onset of obesity. The dangers of childhood obesity are very great . Parents should avoid obese children.

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