What can be considered for breast enhancement

1. The size or position of the chest is asymmetric, and the size of the chest on both sides is quite different. It can be considered to use augmentation surgery to make the chest on both sides the same size.

2. Slight chest ptosis or relaxation, chest ptosis, mostly occurs in middle-aged or middle-aged women after menopause, because the elastic tissue supporting the chest becomes loose, sometimes it will fall to the normal position of 3 to 4 inches, which requires breast augmentation or chest suspension.

3. Chest degeneration and breast atrophy after pregnancy and childbirth: due to the birth of a baby and the cessation of breastfeeding, some chest tissues degenerate, especially the women whose upper half of the chest will flatten down are suitable for breast augmentation surgery.

4. Chest dysplasia is caused by hormone stimulation or physical heredity, diet and other disorders of some girls during puberty, especially for those women who often ask me what to do with a small chest. This situation may be only one side, most of which are on both sides.

5. Over health care. Some women’s fat tissue in the chest disappears as a result of over health care. The chest becomes small and loose, which can be considered for breast augmentation.

At present, women who have breast augmentation surgery are generally divided into two age groups. First, there are more women around the age of 20. Women around 20 years old will not have obvious changes in their breasts due to their mature development. At this time, if their breasts are flat or small due to poor development, resulting in their body shape is not beautiful, it will bring them great confusion or pressure in their work and life.

Through breast augmentation surgery to make up for the defects of women’s physical signs, so that women get sublimation from physiology to psychology, and regain self-confidence in life. The second is women after the age of 30. After the age of 30, due to the growth of age, childbearing, breast-feeding and other factors, resulting in the shrinkage of the breast, the sagging of the breast, relaxation, smaller. So reshaping the perfect breast becomes their most urgent need.

Prosthetic breast augmentation is widely used. Slight chest sagging or relaxation, chest sagging, mostly occurs in middle-aged or menopausal middle-aged women, generally this kind of people do prosthesis breast augmentation is more, because maintaining a sexy and good-looking breast will make their sex life and marriage better.

Rupture of prosthesis is easy to cause capsule contracture, and capsule contracture is also easy to cause rupture of prosthesis. After the rupture of the prosthesis, silica gel exudates, which can cause the thickening of the capsule. Conversely, if the capsule shrinks, the wall of the prosthesis will be thickened or even calcified. If the calcified capsule rubs against the wall of the prosthesis, it will easily lead to the rupture of the prosthesis after a long time.

During the operation, it may happen that the doctor’s operation is not precise enough, and the sharp scalpel accidentally breaks the prosthesis. After this situation, because the silica gel has a good coagulability, the patient will not feel obviously uncomfortable at that time, but most of the doctors will take the initiative to replace the new prosthesis, but some of the doctors are not responsible, so that when they are oppressed by external forces in the future, they are very It is easy to rupture the prosthesis in large area.

Experts and manufacturers say that compared with external pressure and gravity, breast implants are more afraid of sharp objects from inside and outside the body. If chest trauma occurs, resulting in rib fracture, bone fracture, if there is a sharp cross-section, it can lead to prosthesis fracture.

Prosthesis aging, no one can deny that no matter what product or brand, it will age after a long time. Professor Tang said that in fact, silica gel in the capsule will not age. Aging mainly refers to the wall of the capsule, which has a lot to do with the properties and technology of the wall. For example, the former salt water bag prosthesis aged after 5-10 years of use. The calcification of the capsule wall and the capsule are stuck together, which are rigid. But now, the manufacturing process of the silica gel prosthesis in the capsule wall has been improved a lot, and many friends have no big problems in 10 years of use. In addition, there is a certain relationship between the aging of prosthesis and personal physique. For the same prosthesis, it has been well in most people for more than 10 years, but for others, calcification may start at 5 or 6 years after implantation, or even earlier.

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