What tea to drink in winter to lose weight? 3 teas to warm the stomach and lose weight

Tea contains catechins and caffeine and other substances, which can accelerate blood circulation, improve metabolism, reduce fat, and have good weight loss effects. However, to drink tea to achieve weight loss, tea polyphenols need to reach a certain amount. Therefore, drinking only a small cup of light tea a day cannot lose weight. Losing weight requires drinking strong tea. But the caffeine and other ingredients in strong tea are exciting. To avoid insomnia, it is best not to drink tea at night. What kind of tea to drink in winter to lose weight? It is cold in winter, and the stomach is easy to be uncomfortable. It is best to drink some tea that can warm your stomach. The following editors will introduce several teas for stomach warming and weight loss.

Brewing method: Put red dates and tea in a pot, add water and brown sugar and cook until the dates are ripe and soft. Filter out the tea leaves and drink the brewed tea juice.

Ginger can warm the body, promote blood circulation, improve the symptoms of debilitating cold, and has very good effects on reducing weight and preventing colds. In addition, gingerol has a stimulating effect on the heart and cardiovascular, which can accelerate blood flow and promote sweating. Take away excess heat from the body, with detoxification, beauty, weight loss.

Brewing method: a bag of black tea, ginger into a cup, add boiling water to brew; wait for the black tea bag to gradually precipitate red, the water is slightly cool, warm to a warm, slightly stir, remove the tea bag; finally add honey and stir Ready to drink.

Aloe black tea can improve cell vitality, accelerate fat digestion, regulate the physiological functions of the human body, improve skin radiance, and slow skin aging. It is a recipe for slimming and beauty.

Brewing method: peel the aloe and take only the inner layer of white meat. Put the aloe and chrysanthemum into the water and cook slowly over low heat. After the water is boiled, add black tea bag and honey.

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