What to do in dry weather in spring

Right now it s spring, and it s windy and dry, which causes more people to get angry. Let s take a look at a few simple and effective fire fighting tips.

上 When the fire occurs, the fire gas causes rapid water consumption in the body, leading to dry mouth and dry mouth, poor neuroregulation ability, and people s emotional instability and fatigue. At the same time, as the weather gets warmer, the skin on the face will get angry. Especially young women, because of strong sebum secretion, pollen, dust, and microorganisms adhere to the face, which is more likely to form acne.

And spring is also the season of frequent chapped lips and rotten mouth corners (angular inflammation). In the early stages of the onset of the disease, flushing, desquamation, and rot appeared in the corners of the mouth, followed by cracking, bleeding, and pain in the corners of the mouth.

People with poor sleep will get angry easily, and upside down day and night is even more taboo. In the spring to prevent fire, we must first have a regular life, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and rest on time. Secondly, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables, radishes, carrots and various fruits, and eat less spicy food. In addition, it is important to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

Lips When the corners of lips are dry, to prevent them from peeling, you can apply some lipstick to make lips feel moisturized. When chapped bleeding occurs in the corner of the mouth, wash it with warm water first, wait for it to dry, and apply some antibiotic ointment such as gold toxin ointment. When the wound is crusted, do not tear it off forcibly, and let it fall off naturally. If infected, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

High-calorie foods will also cause a fire. When you are on fire, you should not eat more low-moisture foods, such as fried foods, biscuits, peanuts, etc., should be based on low-calorie diets such as vegetables and clear soup fruits.

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