Winter Baby Raising Raiders

It is said that it is a good season for spring, so does the baby stop growing in the cold winter? Of course not, the younger the baby grows faster every day! And the energy accumulation in winter is also a strong guarantee for the growth of children s height in the spring. Moms and dads who consider their baby s height as a major cause can never relax in winter! Children want to grow tall, nutrition, exercise and sleep are all indispensable, so what to eat in winter , what exercise, and how to arrange sleep time to help children grow taller?

Medical research shows that regular exercise can increase bone cell growth ability, and regular physical exercise is 4 cm to 8 cm taller than children of the same age who do not participate. The data shows that the amount of exercise of youth in our country is seriously insufficient. Therefore, parents must encourage their children to exercise more and actively participate in various forms of physical exercise, including running and jumping and turning, which can promote bone and muscle development of the whole body. Playing basketball, running, swimming and other single sports. There are 3 types of sports suitable for babies in winter:

The movement that promotes height growth is mainly vertical jump, which achieves the purpose of height growth by stimulating the long bone bone plate. Little babies can let them run and jump and do more sports outdoors. Older children can stick to the rope for 10- 15 minutes every day. Long-term adherence can achieve better results. In addition, you can also do high-motion exercises, such as rebounding, branches, high objects, etc., can jump on both legs, left and right single legs, 10 times per group, try to let the child do his best when jumping.

Cause jumping easily affects the development of the foot and has a large impact on the knee and ankle joints, it is necessary to wear elastic shoes to protect the joints. Children aged 5-10 can choose skipping rope, which takes less time but consumes more energy. It can stimulate bone quality, promote bone growth, consume excess fat, and improve balance and responsiveness.

You can use horizontal bars or parallel bars and other sports equipment to hold the crossbar with both hands and hang, which is to hold the horizontal bar with both hands. When the body hangs and sags, it is best to touch your toes lightly. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds each time Can play the role of stretching the spine and promote the proliferation of spine bones.

It is recommended to run in small steps with both fists on your shoulders, bend your arms and rotate your elbows forward, run and jump 25 to 50 meters quickly, repeat 4 to 6 times, take a break after each time, and then run downhill .

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