Winter fitness exercises are essential

For winter, which is prone to hoarding meat, fitness exercises are indispensable. Not only is it good for your health, it can also eliminate fat, and it has a standard body, which is universally enviable.

You can make an estimate of your own meals a day, and then divide this amount evenly to each meal. In addition to adding meals after training, try to choose low-carbohydrate coarse grains. Is converted to fat. Eat more plant fiber vegetables and fruits. With multiple meals, you will have a constant sense of satiety, and your body will absorb and convert fat storage more slowly. Eat more slow-release protein, such as yogurt. It can continue to provide a source of protein for your muscles , help you repair muscles, muscles grow faster, and the rate of fat loss will increase.

Priority strength training for compound movements, such as squats, lunges, bench presses, push ups, deadlifts, etc. Compound movements can mobilize a lot of muscle groups, and then heavy training will not only make you burn more calories, but also exercise your muscle tolerance. It is very helpful for strengthening your strength and strengthening your heart and lung function. Two to three strength training sessions are necessary.

Aerobic exercise has always been a fat killer, but many people do not necessarily lose weight after aerobic exercise, because the initial stage of aerobic exercise still consumes sugar in the body. After strength training, the blood sugar level is relatively low, at this time doing aerobic exercise will be more fat. However, it is necessary to grasp a certain amount to prevent muscle loss after aerobic excess.

Except for the strength training day, we still have half of the week, we can t use it for rest, we can try 1-2 times of HIIT training. Yes, when it comes to high-intensity interval training that allows us to Continuously burn fat, HIIT has a very strong burning effect, allowing you to burn calories within hours of training.

It is necessary to build muscle. The proportion of calories consumed by muscle cells is greater than that of other tissue cells. More muscle means that you have greater basic consumption, and the more fat you can consume, the more calories you eat More consumed by muscle.

Almost all people who lose weight will encounter a stagnation period, but the length of time they maintain will be different for everyone. In the face of weight loss stagnation, the most important thing is to maintain confidence and not to be confused. The most important thing to lose weight is to build confidence that you are fully capable of eliminating all the fat on your body. Furthermore, there must be perseverance, the results of weight loss may go up and down, but if you persist, you will always reach your goal.

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