Winter health care

Winters are cold and windy, and everything is hidden, and people reduce their activities accordingly. Because winter is a season of keeping in Tibet, the intercourse activities should also be based on the principle of cultivating in Tibet. The so-called how long-lasting good blood is preserved, and those who are damaged will suffer premature aging. Chinese medicine believes that fine filling, gas foot, and Shenwang are the guarantee of health, and especially based on abundant blood.

Too low temperature will affect people s behavior. When the temperature is low in winter, it will consume more energy. From the perspective of instinctual protection of the body, activities will be relatively reduced and more calories need to be ingested, so this season people become Laziness is reluctant to be active. Moreover, the cold weather in winter is the onset period of male adrenal glands, especially the prostate. At this time, depending on the severity of the disease, symptoms such as fatigue, general weakness, etc . can also make people lazy and afraid to move.

Excessive work stress affects sexual desire, and stress and fatigue are the biggest killers of sexual desire. Winter is at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the completion of work tasks, and the work plan for next year. These may make men in the workplace exhausted. Physical and mental exhaustion will make them feel strong psychological pressure, which will cause anxiety and tension Emotions can involuntarily be brought into the night and affect sexual desire.

Sexual life in winter should converge. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fine filling, qi foot, and Shenwang are the guarantee of health, and especially based on abundant blood. Winter is a good time for Tibetan sperm, which is in line with the nature of Tibetan cultivation in winter, because in the winter, the yang energy gradually declines, and the libido is relatively reduced. Excessive sexual life in winter may damage the kidney. Kidney injury can dry up in the spinal cord, and lumbago cannot be tilted . It can cause various diseases. Winter does not hide essence, and spring must be sick, it is also pointed out that intemperate sexual desire in winter may reduce the resistance to disease due to kidney deficiency .

Maintaining sex is not abstinence. Many men mistakenly believe that in winter, hiding without leaking means there should be less. In sex life, they often deliberately truce midway through. In fact, this is a wrong approach. Halfway through the waste will cause semen to flow backward, and the high pressure formed will also cause bacteria to have a countercurrent infection and increase the probability of prostatitis.

Breaking the laws of sexual life throughout the winter can cause physical and mental discomfort to both spouses. However, sex should not be frequent. In winter, the human body needs more calories to maintain body temperature. Excessive sexual life will cause a large amount of energy consumption, and people will easily get sick. Mastering the frequency of sexual life varies from person to person, as long as both parties are happy, energetic, and satisfied with the frequency of sexual life, it is appropriate. Traditional Chinese medicine requires four consultations and combined prescriptions, and comprehensive pulse syndrome prescription medications. Kidney deficiency is mainly due to deficiency of kidney essence, which may be deficiency of both yin and yang. Comprehensive treatment is required. The effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine is generally recognized.

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