Winter solstice prescription

According to the habits of the Chinese, it is a good time to tonic the body from the beginning of the winter to around the winter solstice. The correct make up for winter can make the body strong and keep sloppy.

Cooking method: Put the prepared Chinese medicine, such as Bawei, Siwei, Erwei or Yiwei, into a large pot. Then prepare poultry (chicken, duck) or wild fowl (pheasant, turtle dove, etc.), as well as pig feet (elbow), pork belly, waist, eel, pheasant, etc., put them into a large pot after processing, and then pour water Wagyu, or just use wine to simmer slowly.

Boiled tonic, the active ingredients will seep out of the soup, the cartilage in the meat will soften to the mouth, and the unique flavor of Chinese medicine will be full of fragrance.

Note: Bu Dong is best done when you are in good physical condition, and you should avoid it when you have a cold and have a fever or cough. However, the Four Gods are particularly mild and nourishing and can strengthen the stomach, so even if you have a cold and weak body, you should eat more as long as you have some appetite.

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