Four bad habits make you old fast

Enough sleep can relieve fatigue and restore physical strength, but this does not mean that more sleep can be beneficial to health. Many people, especially some old people, are used to “falling in love with the bed” after waking up and are reluctant to get up. They always have to cover their quilts and “squint” for a while, which is not good for their health.

Staying in bed will destroy the normal biological clock rule of human body, cause the inhibition of cerebral cortex for a long time, resulting in the lack of blood supply to the brain, and mental depression during the day. Staying in bed will also delay the breakfast time, disrupt the regular activities of stomach and intestines. As time goes on, it is easy to induce gastritis, dyspepsia and other diseases.

In addition, some old people hold their urine because they love bed, which causes urine to stay in the body for a long time, which will affect the health of urinary system. The right way is to wake up and sit for a while before you get up in five minutes. After getting out of bed, open the curtains first to let enough light dispel sleepiness. It is also OK to play happy music and radio programs.

Drinking water when you are thirsty will also speed up the process of aging. Because most of the cells in the human body are composed of water, 80% of the water in children’s body, 60-70% in adults, 50% in the elderly, and more than 80% of the water in the blood lymph.

Lack of water in human body can easily damage kidney and liver, increase blood viscosity, affect blood circulation, easily feel nausea, dizziness and palpitation. Lack of water can also easily lead to dry eyes, dry mouth, bad breath, dry skin, skin allergy and other problems.

The average daily water demand of adults is more than 2500 ml, of which about 1500-2000 ml comes from direct drinking water, and the rest comes from food. So in order to avoid water shortage, no matter whether you are thirsty or not, you should drink 8 glasses of water every day, about 250ml each time. Warm boiled water is the best, do not drink drinks with high sugar and caffeine.

Some people are born with no smile and few expressions on their faces. Compared with people who like to laugh, the metabolism of their facial skin is slow, and the skin has no vitality. And because of the lack of nutrition of skin cells, the skin on the face is dry and colorless, more prone to wrinkles. The right way is to keep smiling every day, which can bring people a good mood, so as to delay physical and mental aging.

Too much pressure at work makes modern people more and more reluctant to move. The harm of too little exercise is not just to get fat and lazy. People who have been sedentary for a long time are significantly more likely to suffer from varicose veins, cervical spondylosis and hemorrhoids than people who love sports. Obesity caused by too little exercise will also increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Proper exercise can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, relax the body properly, and make the Qi and blood unblocked, so as to lubricate the skin. The most popular way to move is anytime, anywhere. For example, doing some leg flexion and extension, sit ups at home is conducive to the return of blood in the lower extremities. The sedentary people should get up every hour or two for activities. After supper, they can take a 30 minute outdoor walk. They can also do aerobic exercises such as swimming, playing badminton, jogging, etc. with better results.

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