Good habits after getting up in the morning

Open your eyes in the morning and start your busy day. How to make a good start for one’s healthy life in the day, and quickly form a good habit after getting up in the morning.

Taking a bath in the morning is generally not a habit of Chinese people, but it really helps to make the blood circulation more vigorous, and the feeling of cleanness and the fragrance of bath liquid can adjust the mood and make the spirit more full.

Once this good habit is formed, you will benefit for life. If you haven’t got used to it, don’t worry. Try to cultivate it. For example, eat more high fiber food, such as cabbage, white potato and other coarse grains. After you get up in the morning, go to the next place whether you have them or not. As time goes by, the habit will become natural.

It’s imperative to get up sharply. Try not to get up sharply. It will make the blood rush upwards, cause sudden changes in blood pressure, cause dizziness and other symptoms. It’s better to open your eyes and then not get up. Lie in bed and move your limbs and head for a while, and then get up 5 minutes later. If you have a problem that you can’t get up, you can close your eyes and do some stretching movements, which will be very helpful for you to wake up. For example: bend the left and right knees to the other side of the body; hold one knee on the chest with both hands for 10 seconds; lie on your back, stretch your hands back as far as possible, inhale with your nose, exhale with your mouth, and keep your body still for 5 seconds.

After a night’s sleep, without the intake of a drop of water, people are easy to dehydrate, and a cup of cold boiled water (not ice water) is a beneficial supplement; it also plays a role in clearing the stomach; it can also clear the mouth and help you wake up from sleep. You can put a cup of cold water on the head of the bed before going to bed the night before.

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