Health teas to help you get rid of sub-health

Many office workers often need to sit in front of the computer for a long time. They are not only lack of exercise, but also prone to backache and backache. Their eyesight will also be affected, resulting in a series of sub-health symptoms. So how do we deal with these sub-health problems?

Every day to the computer, over time, the eyes will appear tired, dry symptoms. Even if you are not nearsighted, you should also pay attention to brewing this drink from time to time, which is beneficial to relieve the acid and astringent eyes, fatigue and vision loss caused by long-term use of computer. Jinlianhua can clear throat, nourish liver and brighten eyes. Cassia seed is very helpful in the treatment of eye diseases. Chinese wolfberry can nourish the liver, kidney and eyes. Drinking it everyday can improve the fatigue caused by overuse of eyes, and make the eyes moist and bright.

Wild Gynostemma pentaphyllum can resist electron radiation. Roselle is a strong antioxidant, which can protect electronic radiation. The tea polyphenols of green tea have strong antioxidant activity, which can eliminate the oxygen free radicals in human body, so as to resist radiation, enhance the immunity of the body, absorb the radioactive substances in the body, discharge them out of the body through defecation, reduce or eliminate the harm of X-ray to the body. The rose can also regulate qi, relieve depression, activate blood and nourish the face.

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese tonic. Ginseng is mild in nature, sweet and bitter in taste. It can nourish vital energy, spleen and lung, nourish body fluid, quench thirst, calm mind and increase intelligence. It is very suitable for middle-aged and old people to drink, regulate body functions and replenish qi and blood. However, it is not suitable for people with deficiency of yin and excessive fire and fever of hands and feet. Menstrual women, people with high blood pressure or headaches are also advised not to take them.

Licorice can clear away heat, detoxify, dispel phlegm and stop coughing. Many people like to drink licorice instead of tea. They think it can clear away heat and detoxify. However, licorice itself is a medicinal material, which may cause poisoning if taken improperly. Therefore, before taking licorice tea, consult a doctor. Ordinary people should not take it by themselves.

Chinese wolfberry tea can alleviate the problems of sour and astringent eyes, fatigue and deepened vision. Because wolfberry is especially good at eyesight, also known as “eyesight”. Chinese wolfberry is often used in the treatment of dizziness and night blindness caused by deficiency of liver blood and kidney yin. Therefore, it’s a good choice to use medlar to soak eyes dry and astringent.

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