The secret of longevity and less disease

This can be demonstrated not only in science, but also in life. For example, people who don’t like alcohol and tobacco must live longer than those who don’t, who look older and have lung and liver problems. Quitting smoking and not drinking can not only save a lot of money, but also make you live for many years more and use the saved money happily.

Some people are very big to eat and drink, many people are even willing to see their own body fat deposition, think that this kind of figure is quite pompous. Especially for some old people, their aesthetic views are quite different. For example, some people are born in the war and hunger era, they especially appreciate that kind of fat body. However, you should know that being too fat can cause many diseases, and the secret of Spanish longevity can shorten life span. Then you should understand the harm they do to you.

Although I feel that I am not sick or painful, I should go to the hospital for physical examination since I was a child. In fact, many people live 10 years longer, some even 50 years longer. Now many people die young because they don’t find the disease in time. In fact, as long as it can be found in time, almost all diseases can be treated or slowed down. If you don’t have a physical check-up often, it’s like betting on your body. This is true for adults, and even more so for the elderly.

Sticking to exercise is a panacea for delaying aging. According to the World Health Organization, a study conducted in the UK and Denmark shows that moderate exercise every day, even housework, can increase people’s life expectancy by two to five years.

Dr. mark Danzo, who regional director for Europe, said: “encouraging people to play sports every day has many benefits for their health. It can reduce the risk of certain diseases and obesity; strengthen the coordination, balance and strength of the body; in addition, it is also of great benefit to mental health. ” “It’s a very economical way to improve people’s health,” he said

The World Health Organization is worried that people don’t know the results of this survey on sports and health, so it will carry out a plan called “exercise for health” to enhance public health awareness. Dr Danzo said: “who recommends that adults should exercise at least 30 minutes a day in moderation, any sport, including walking, cycling, playing, doing housework, climbing stairs and all kinds of sports. This can not only make people live longer, but also enrich the content of life. ” He also pointed out that young children should exercise at least one hour a day.

It is often said that all diseases are related to spirit, which is not groundless. There have been experiments with mice that constantly scare them in various unrepeated ways after they grow up, such as flashing lights, noise of various frequencies, natural enemies, the danger of death, etc. The results showed that the life span of threatened mice was often shortened by 1 / 2-1 / 3, and the physical traces of these threats, such as distortion or contraction, could even be found in the viscera of rats after dissection. Many people have found a similar situation when they feel their body changes. Some people’s hair will suddenly turn white or lose its luster in a short period of time under the condition of mental overload. If you can deal with the problems around you calmly, you can become a long-lived person.

Living in a primeval forest is definitely different from living in a big city. In fact, living in the city is very unfavorable: there are many vehicles, loud noise, poor air and serious environmental pollution, which are easy to make people suffer from various diseases and shorten their life span. Therefore, as long as there are conditions, it is better to move to a place with a better ecological environment.

For a long time, Russians have been relatively lazy. After entering the era of market economy, they began to work hard. Many people gave up their normal rest from early to late. If it’s something you’re willing to do, it doesn’t matter to your body. Otherwise, your body will be overdrawn quickly, just like an old machine that works every day will be quickly scrapped. Therefore, in order not to get old, we should work moderately and rest fully.

If you’re young, associating with experienced and reasonable adults can make you look like an adult, too. If you’re old, dealing with lively and energetic young people can make you young. Drugs and illness are often the most frequent topics for the elderly. Here’s a suggestion: it’s better to find some active and energetic peers, or simply join the team of young people. Close to young people, you only need to integrate into their culture and find things you are interested in, such as art, music, movies, etc. in this way, you will soon find new friends that will not lead to premature death of life.

You may think that people’s appearance will not affect their health. This is wrong. Because, the overall image will not only affect a person’s daily life, but also affect life expectancy. A person’s body is often subject to its own design. If you think you are old and weak, you will be like this. If you think you are young, jump and be happy. Qian Xuesen’s way of longevity and life support will lead to the corresponding emotions. It is very necessary to maintain personal charm and pay attention to image.

It is often seen that some people stop developing their intelligence after they graduate from high school or university. Many 16-year-olds don’t have much change in their minds for many years after graduation from high school, but they have some more adult features in appearance. If it’s still the same after 50, there’s a greater chance of Alzheimer’s after 70. Therefore, we should work with our brains and develop our own intelligence. The best way is to learn something by yourself, or to master some science and language. The most important thing is to be able to read more literary works, especially some classical works.

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