Ways to help you improve your cold constitution

People with cold constitution have a hard time in winter. It is not only easy to have cold hands, cold feet, dysmenorrhea, cold stomach and pain, but also prone to cancer. Cold constitution hurt people too much! Then can our cold constitution be changed? How to improve our cold constitution?

There are two main reasons: first, people with cold constitution usually have low immunity, can not effectively block the invasion of external toxic substances, and the ability to remove toxins is relatively poor, which creates a prerequisite for tumor production. Second, people with cold constitution generally have slow blood flow, which is easy to form the condition of “collusion” between blood stasis, phlegm turbid and qi stagnation. The “Phlegm Blood Stasis collusion” accumulates in a certain part, and it is easy to cause the formation of tumor under the action of poison and evil for a long time.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, cold constitution is caused by excess Yin Qi in the body, weakened digestion and absorption of nutrients, and reduced heat absorption. This kind of people often have the following symptoms: cold hands and feet, cold fear, easy to catch cold; easy to fatigue, edema, pale lips, white tongue coating; loose stool, easy to diarrhea; light urine color, frequent urination, more urine; poor appetite, eating often feel no taste, etc.

It was found that poor living habits significantly increased the risk of cancer in people with cold constitution compared with other people. If you smoke for a long time, you are more likely to get lung cancer; if you don’t pay attention to water sanitation, you are more likely to get stomach cancer if you always eat bad food. If the cold constitution person’s liver Qi is not sparse for a long time, such as sulking, pressure, depression, etc., then the male is easy to get NPC, RCC and HCC; the female is easy to have breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc.

First of all, we should pay attention to eat less cold and raw food, such as bitter melon, pear and other fruits, try not to eat ice cream and so on. It’s cold in winter in the north, so you can eat more warm food, such as beef and mutton; it’s mild in the south, so you can eat some sweet and warm food, such as chicken and duck.

Second, keep warm. When the weather is cold, clothes should be added in time to avoid “cold evil” entering the body. Less stay in cold and humid environment, more sun.

In addition, to maintain a happy mood, enough sleep every day, do not stay up late. When encountering unpleasant things, we should take appropriate measures to vent them in time and communicate with family and friends.

Finally, pay attention to exercise. Jogging, brisk walking and other aerobic exercises will make the whole body active, promote blood circulation, help to reduce cold symptoms, and long-term adherence can gradually change cold constitution. But we should pay attention to avoid high-intensity exercise, otherwise it is easy to “vent Yang Qi”, but aggravate body cold. Weak body is not suitable for sports can bubble feet every day, with 40 ℃ hot water immersion knee, bubble 20 minutes. Knead the feet while soaking them, the effect will be better.

It should also be noted that cancer patients are prone to Yang deficiency due to a large number of nutrients consumed by the tumor. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate supplement of foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as milk, orange, etc.; eat more hot food, such as ginger soup, etc.; eat less fried, fried, baked, raw and cold food.

After the operation, you can eat some Qi and blood nourishing food, such as jujube, longan, etc. In order to avoid constipation due to bed rest and less movement, you can properly eat black sesame, yam, honey and green vegetables rich in cellulose under the guidance of your doctor.

Our constitution is determined by many factors, such as genetic, environmental and dietary factors. It is not immutable, but can be changed by the change of our living and eating habits. Five small ways, long-term persistence, slowly you will find that you are not afraid of cold, stomach cold, palace cold are all gone.

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