Obesity is a huge blow to girls, not only hurting their self-confidence, but also affecting the surrounding people s perception of them. Obesity makes many naive girls very pessimistic, so they will try every means to lose weight. If weight loss is not successful, it will bring a new blowRead More →

Spring bamboo shoots must be indispensable for spring health food. The bamboo shoots are crispy and refreshing, but they are the first vegetarian food. Eating spring bamboo shoots in an appropriate amount can play a role in nourishing blood and nourishing yin, resolving phlegm and digesting food, and facilitate eyesight.Read More →

The weight loss of traditional Chinese medicine uses the principle of dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the nervous and endocrine functions of obese people by adjusting endocrine. Although traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss is a safe and non-toxic method of weight loss, it also needs theRead More →

The rain and rain in spring, dampness and spleen, hinder spleen and yang, cause dysfunction of qi and blood, and impaired meridians, and the human body will feel tired and lethargic. Therefore, spleen deficiency and dampness are the main reasons for spring sleepiness . Want to eliminate spring sleep ,Read More →

After a person eats, gastrointestinal peristalsis is strengthened and blood circulation is accelerated. At this time, the human body s ability to absorb smoke enters the best state , and the toxic substances in cigarettes are more likely to enter the body, aggravating damage to health. Drinking tea is goodRead More →