Moxibustion has the advantages of obvious effects, simple and easy operation, and economical practicality. It has almost no toxicity and side effects. As long as the treatment principles and operating procedures are carefully followed, generally no adverse reactions will occur on the human body. Because moxibustion uses moxibustion and moxibustion,Read More →

According to the survey, their constitutions are generally weak, they are susceptible to flu and headaches, and because of their lack of kinetics, over time, the fatty tissues under the skin tend to arbitrarily assemble, causing their lower abdomen to bulge and hips Hypertrophy and other symptoms of obesity. JapaneseRead More →

Pay attention to your physical condition. Have heart disease, severe anemia, leukemia, thrombocytopenia and other blood diseases, skin allergies, edema, edema, high blood pressure, blood disorders and bleeding tendency, skin diseases and pregnant women, menstrual periods, as well as oversatisfaction, excessive Cupping is not suitable when thirsty, hungry or drunk.Read More →

When it comes to plastic surgery, we should often hear the incredible tragedy of plastic surgery, which makes people afraid. But apart from fear, have you ever wondered why these tragedies happened? Many times, it s not all the doctor s fault . Many accidents happen, and it is hardRead More →