Although it is the beginning of autumn, but after the fall, the hot and humid weather is still continuing. This season is a good time to eliminate heat and poison. However, some commonly used drugs also have different indications. It is particularly important to note that there are some contraindications.,Read More →

The measure of the year lies in the spring, the beginning of spring! This year is the second day of the Lunar New Year, and the February 4th of the Gregorian calendar is the beginning of the solar term. The beginning of the year is the first of the 24Read More →

There are many ads for wrinkle removal, but the most effective method is facial wrinkle removal. Facial wrinkle removal surgery includes multiple methods, beauty seekers can choose according to their own characteristics. So what are the specific facial wrinkle removal methods? Ivelin is a cross-coupled cationic gel with a mildRead More →