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Fast Food Business Plan

The business does not exist in a vacuum and will not succeed just because you are a good person. Business not work that way. Every business

Represents an exchange of one form or another and exchange is facilitated primarily by money. The essence of the exchange however is the perceived value added customer name. If the customer perceives your offer added value to your life or business, then there is a good chance that the customer will do business with you if you ask for your business. No perceived value added

However, you will not get the business and your business will fail. It's as simple as that. But remember that the value should be perceived and communication to customers and prospects is as important as the value itself.

What are the ways to establish perceived value in a business Tea Room?

First, understand the world of tea. Tea Education is important if you are going to open a business of tea. The more you know about the tea, the more you will be able to educate their customers. The more you teach your clients more satisfied customers who will. Satisfied customers become repeat customers which is what your goal is for your business.

A tea is a tea company that offers high quality food products, along with a comfortable attractive environment and good service. Each element sends a message that reinforces a value proposition. With the proposal of appropriate value, the tearoom will be able to sell
quality (no price) and charge a higher price for products and services. Specific forms to establish the value proposition are:

Provide only high quality tea

use only the finest tea sets

Develop a menu that offer complementary products that enhance the experience of drinking tea

Provide an environment of tea which is totally hot and welcoming

Develop a culture of customer satisfaction

Finally communicate their value proposition to all who know

Tea Room Tip: No matter how strong proposal added value, will not be effective unless connected tightly to his office customer.

Andri, Denny, membuat serius business plan SSG give Dwie sedang. Doain kami already. . . . Selalu Sukses.

Funding for Small Business

If you are a start-up or promising entrepreneur small business financing is the best solution for your business. Many organizations need cash flow for your business, whether to expand, meet daily operating costs or timely up-gradation.

Getting loans from banks and other institutional bodies becomes really difficult for small companies. Have to go through formalities and procedures hard before getting their loans approved. The running nonstop around these traditional organizations makes exhausted and sick to seek loan. Above all the creditworthiness of small business makes more painful your situation to get a loan. Many financial organizations

Be happy to offer small business financing your business to retain the business environment in constant vigorous change. These organizations make credit support and companies to meet its cash needs last minute.

Small business financing can sell their rights to future receivables at discounted prices. You can use the funds for small business loans, cash advance, working capital, financing receivables, restaurant equipment, retail financing, commercial loans, financial services, unsecured loans, and sales MasterCard credit card receivables, equipment purchases, advertising, renovations, expansion and more.

FundFactor is the only solution to all your problems related funds. We not only provide cash flow quickly and your business, but we also get rid of all the procedures for obtaining funds. Our little advance funding services business are available for the various forms of small businesses, including several retail stores, restaurants, beauty salons, clothing stores and more. We offer financing cash advance within 72 hours of receiving an application.
Our small business finance is designed as a simple and economical way for small businesses to obtain financing when needed cash. Our system payback is simple and undeterred. A small fixed percentage is automatically deducted from your monthly bills credit card. You do not have to worry about paying fines for late payment.

There is no fixed payment rate. It is based on the size of your credit card sales in the future. When your business is flourishing and we pay more when suffering temporary recession are with you. The percentage and amount to be paid will never be amplified if you pay the loan in six months or six years.

Our small business financing strengths are:

'Cash advances in just 72 hours

"No security or collateral required

' No Credit Score require

'No fixed payment period

' No late payment charges

'Refunds Based on a fixed percentage of monthly credit card sales

' Refunds automatically deducted from credit card sales

'No tax required

' Up to $ 250,000 per business location

So if you're a large or small company that needs any extra money for your immediate requirement in the future. You will save time and pressure in the last minute rushing to cash flow in your business. So in the absence of funds destroys their businesses, contact to finance small businesses. We'll instantly.

Sample Business Plan nonprofit

Every dollar spent on marketing means a dollar less dedicated to programs and services offered incredible. This means that every dollar put into marketing the beautiful web sites, brochures, logos, DVD, materials development and other marketing tools to better tell. Unfortunately, all this activity planning also typically takes a back seat. Marketing plans are scarce.

Le bet as the idea of a marketing plan, but you do not have the time and energy to planning the rush of operations management time-consuming everyday. Too Much. The cold, hard truth is that you can not afford not to have a plan. The good news: Strategic marketing planning can and should be simple, results-oriented and easy to handle.

What's in a

Plan Your marketing plan determines how your customers and donors to do. Helps prioritize your target audience (such as customers, donors and internal stakeholders). Detailing where your customers are, how to get to the porters who refer their clients, how to describe their services, how you talk with donors and how to make critical budgetary decisions. Take a look at your competition (and yes, you are competing for those dollars from donors hard earned.) A well-designed marketing plan provides a chronology of specific tactics, coordinated with other internal and external events (launches programs, environments changing legal, etc.), to help your organization achieve its overall objectives. If it is a good plan, but also clearly defines your budget and how to allocate these valuable marketing dollars. If that sounds complicated, read on to learn how to break it down into manageable steps.

Any solid marketing plan should include some key elements: Situation Analysis

Start with a review of your nonprofit organization is at this time. These are things you probably already know, but putting them front and center in his plan serves a couple of purposes. First, it gives you a benchmark of where you are. Second, it allows you to create a plan that addresses the basic organization and environmental realities facing.

Nonprofit Organization Mission and Vision: What are the core values and objectives of your organization?

Product or Service Review: Describe your commodities and services

Customer Drivers / User: What factors affect the environment in which you work?

Core competencies: What do you do well? What your clients / customers rely on you to? Why donors contribute to your cause?

Competitive review: Who are your main competitors? How is changing the competitive landscape?

Measurable objectives or outcomes

What do you want to accomplish this year? And how will you measure the results? Measurable goals allow you to formulate strategies and tactics that will get you there. Basic people, but many do not think through a set of realistic goals. ..

Can not tell you how many times have we heard of executives nonprofit that its main purpose is to increase awareness of our cause in the community at large "Sorry, that's not a measurable objective So let's make it work :.. Launching a comprehensive communication campaign in the service area in order to increase the number of clients we attended by 35% over the next three years (2009) Wow Now you know what you need to carry out, where, in what time frame and how. What a difference.


Make a list of your key audiences. You have more target audience that you think the people we serve every day, its volunteers, its parts concerned (Board of Directors), staff, donors and major donors and we bet there's more. When defining your target audience, consider the demographics and psychographics. That is where not only live and how old they are but also how each public thinks and feels.

For example, we know that our average planned giving donor is male, 65 years of age or older, married, owns a home, has an income house hold over $ 200,000 per year, is married older children registered as a Republican, is worried about the war, health and education. We also know that has a connection with cancer; he or someone in your family has been affected by cancer.

The goal here is to really understand the people speaking. Tip: Once you know your demographics and psychographics, write stories that surround them. It will help to better identify the needs of audiences. So take those same demographic and psychographic data, but this time we will tell a story.

Dan Kennedy is 65 years old. He is a successful entrepreneur. He and his wife Tess have consistently contributed to the campaign cancer services since 1995. Mr. Kennedy's mother died of cancer in 1995 and Tess had surgery and radiation after a diagnosis of breast cancer. Mr. Kennedy and his family have never needed our services, but he is passionate about the idea that all people deserve quality care and education to make decisions regarding their health.

Now imagine this organization is ready to begin a campaign endowment. They have a powerful tool that can be used to train staff and volunteers development, donors pitches perfect and refine marketing efforts.

How to meet members of mentalities, hopes and fears audience? Research. It does not have to be complicated. Simple surveys provide a lot of good data. You can also take a look back at your database look and review current donors, volunteers and other stakeholders. And you probably already know a lot about each of his public from his experience working with them. Posts

What is the core of what you have to say? In his brilliant book, made a Stick, Chip Heath and Dan Heath write more reduce the amount of information in an idea, the stickiest will be. "In other words, cut their messages to the absolute core as yor your audience will remember them

Example :. Sunshine Project is a nonprofit that provides successful social, educational and recreational programming for children and families free medical problems organization's mission: ..? We bring sunshine to a cloudy That's brilliant Why Because you and Sunshine Project of employees, donors and customers know exactly what that means ;. Sun makes us feel better physically, evokes images of children, sprinklers, pools and health and generally makes us feel happy and healthy

Channels and Tools

How do you send your message to your target Canales public are groups / individuals through whom and where it goes to distribute your message; tools are the materials used


Channels: Regional hospitals, social workers, oncology offices
Tools: T shirts, informative dvd, website

Strategy Strategies are broad approaches to communication. Are linked to their measurable objectives. These are the big picture you take is about communication and positioning your organization. You should look at each target and reach the strategies you need to succeed.


Recruit and hire a Chief Development Officer who will oversee all development activities, including campaigns and events. Car

An advertising agency to monitor and manage all advertising and creative organization. Agency should have experience in the nonprofit and be willing to donate a percentage of their time.

Tactics Tactics are the specific tasks and activities needed to carry out their strategies. These should be very specific.

Example: Develop

Complete job description for Chief Development Timeline


Prioritize their tactics, and then develop specific for each term. You will also want to note that staff members or external resources will be used to complete the tactic.

Here's an example: Develop comprehensive work
Development Manager Responsibility
05/03/2007 Katie Sternberg


Their methods of evaluation can be formal, such as a research study or survey. But they may also be more informal, as reports on funding increases, feedback from clients or staff input. The most important idea here is to make some kind of measure to know whether their strategies are working. Its objectives and strategies should be as specific as you should be able to measure all and especially one.

Examples: Percentage increase in referrals from clinics

Last year in the months of May to August.

Percentage increase in number of visits to the website increased from relaunch


The marketing budget should not be left over at the end of the month or quarter. And it should not be unlimited, either. Back through their strategies and tactics and assign some of the general budget amounts for each. It is the number to reach realistic? If not, go back and revise their tactics and determine where you can make changes. It is necessary to allocate money to achieve their key objectives. If you spend too much on a strategy, you will not have enough to carry others.

Still skeptical about planning?

You may be getting short term results with the fly-by-seat-of-your-pants approach. But there is a downside. This type of marketing improvised usually does nothing to promote the strategic objectives of the company and often stop looking to the future. And that's a very dangerous place to be. Even a little planning can help reduce your risk and improve their marketing results.

Free Business Plan Software

What should cover a business plan?

That's the million dollar question.

On the one hand, should provide a comprehensive analysis of the need for the product or service you are planning to offer. You also need to talk about how you are qualified for such an offer to the public.

A business plan should direct their strategies in terms of production and marketing, how it will be organized, legal issues to be addressed and what their record keeping methods are be. In short, a business plan should answer the following questions:

* What do I need and what I'm capable of doing?
* What are the most viable ways to reach my goals?
* What I can expect in the future?

Note that there is no specific format to be used, or a better way to design your business plan. However, there are steps you can take to make the process a little more smoothly; we made a list of what we think is the easiest method below.

Step 1: Make a commitment to be sure that you want to work for yourself is actually greater than you want to work for someone else.

Step 2: Analyze yourself list your strengths and weaknesses. Determine how you can build off of your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Remember, this can be a daunting task as it may have to own up to a number of shortcomings that are unwilling to recognize.

Step 3: Choose a product or service that sounds silly, but just because you think you know what business you need to be, does not mean that your idea will be profitable. Check out the viability of your idea.

Step 4: Research your market research marketing is necessary for the fate of a company, large or small. The more you know about your market probably the better your chances of getting the clients you want, right to the door, and that means making a profit.

Step 5: Forecast Sales revenue after taking a look to market your product is best suited to estimate the percentage of that market that you think will reasonably be able to take over. Take the number of its competitors, its size, and the amount of market they already have in mind. It is important to be realistic during this exercise.

Step 6: Choose a place your new business is going to be on the web? Or are you going to have a retail store? Will you check out of your home office? Be careful with the weight of both their personal preferences and what makes the most sense for the fate of your business. You may like the idea of working in your pajamas all day, but if your tile needs to be seen by the public for maximum growth potential, a home office might not be your best option.

Step 7: Develop a marketing plan here you will be forced to detail will win customers and turn a profit. Discuss possible marketing channels, price points, advertising and sales promotion.

Step 8: Develop a plan of organization skills and talents you make your new business need not only to survive, but to grow it? If you do not have all these traits, how are you going to get you in the door? Will you hire freelancers? Are you hoping to bring an employee immediately? If these individuals and their skills are vital for success, not make a plan without them.

Step 9: Decide on the status of your sole proprietorship? Alliance? You have to decide how it will deal with this, and investigate the legal ramifications of each situation. As a sole proprietor, you are in control, but it is also solely responsible. In a partnership, shared responsibility, but also share decision making and benefits. What works best for your budget and your personality?

Step 10: Your e-Accounting if you do not know how much money comes in and out of your business, you never know if you are making a profit, or if you need to make changes. Keeping track of the numbers is one of the few most important things you can do for your business. Decide whether to do it at home, or outsource to a professional; if you take care of yourself, decide on what software you will use.

Step 11: I put everything in numbers this may or may not be necessary for you; depends on what type of business you are starting. When you approach a financial institution for a small business loan, they will respond better if they see all their plans in the numbers; they are, after all, in the business numbers. So, go back through the previous steps, and assign dollar amounts to what you can; when approaching the shore, you can tell them exactly how much you need, and show them that their money goes. Then you can show, with a number, how much of the market is thinking in the corner, and its growth, by percentage, in the next X years.

That's all, was not so difficult after all, right?

- Palo Alto Software, makers of # 1 ideal plan software world's ideal selling business, enter LivePlan. The ideal way to plan your bu. . .

Fast Small Business Loan

Running a successful business is a difficult task to do and requires a massive planning and management of business activities regularly. The funds are the life blood of a company, without which survival is impossible. But those businesses that are not all that financially sound option must seek alternative means to access funds to keep the ball rolling. And business loans might be the answer to these requirements.

Given these growing needs of borrowers, lenders keep the surface with new loan products to meet your various needs. There is much to the world of loans and receivables and most new entrepreneurs are mostly difficult to understand the various terms and conditions that apply to them. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of many things you need to know about business loans.

Doing Business Loans Work?

A business loan is basically an agreement between your company and the lender in which you consent to pay an interest rate for a certain amount of funds borrowed for a period of time. You are required to pay the principal and interest amount in the stipulated time. These loans often involve a large number of conventions that your business will have to abide by while the loan is still pending. These loans can be securitized with the help of an asset or property that is mortgaged to the lender until it is paid the full amount of the loan. Types

Short Term Business Loans: These loans relate to a shorter period of time, mainly 6 months to 12 months, and because of this short duration, the amount of loan is also a smaller denomination, ranging up a maximum of $ 100,000. Short term business loans usually require seasonal and beneficial for companies that have changing financial needs. Products in this category equity loans, commercial loans and similar seasonal Extended Business Loans include :. These loans involve large sums of money and are for a longer period of time. The loan can even go up to 7 years or more. The time frame usually depends on the amount of owning a business loan and is required for investment capital, as the acquisition of additional equipment, vehicles or buying a new home.

Low Interest Rate Business Loans the latest development in the industry.

Commercial loans that are accessible to lower interest rates seem like a distant dream for you? Do not worry. These loans are much easier to use than you think. A business loan at a lower rate indicates fulfill all your dreams at a cost that is much less than normal. Business loans low interest rates are a boon for small businesses that can not always pay excessive costs for purchasing funds and thus find economic solutions to their financial problems. It is a known fact that you need a strong financial position to run a successful business. Apply for a business loan at a lower rate and get rid of the shackles that hold below.

How to get a business loan with bad credit – CLICK HERE Hello friends, my name is Joe Gomez and I am here today to such. . .

How to Write a Marketing Plan

"A marketing plan of a page from 1955
foresees a future for Jack Daniel
based on its heritage as
whiskey made by real people in Lynchburg, Tennessee."

From a book review in Fortune magazine 12/26/11

There are two versions of each plan, huge picture version and version details. Assuming the huge picture version is realistic and carefully thought out, the detail version should come together nicely.

more trying, I can almost never get through a huge image presentation without interrupting someone to ask about a detail. Our creative director, Mike, who is not known for beating around the bush, says this is like asking a construction foreman on the color of toilet paper in a house that has no basis yet. People

As details. They are so important in advertising and direct marketing, as they are in selling a house. They just are not as important to the people who are building the house. If the foundation, structure and utilities are right, you can have any color wallpaper you want.

So let builders work.

've been through some of this in previous posts, but in case you missed them, here is a summary.

Most plans start with the background. There are different terms for this, but they all mean Background. Somewhere in the background, there is a simple reason for why you are involved in this effort in the first place.

Funds are deceptively simple that anyone intelligent and knowledgeable can write. But they are hard work. Think shed a 5-pound bag of sugar on the kitchen floor. Anyone can clean it, but it is hard work. Funds are misleading in another way, too, because although they are part of the big picture, which are filled with relevant details.

Outside the history is the goal, a goal. Then comes the hard part: Strategy.

The next hardest part is simply a matter of discipline in fourcounts: Stay within budget, staying true – guided by the Fund, staying on target with the goal that unites all elements of the implementation of the Strategy. In short, comes the hardest part of all: The delivery of huge image version of the plan, baby, people of detail (even if you are your own team detail).

Some details will be irrelevant to the plan and that is fine when not conflict with the strategy of the existing brand. Other details will deviate from the basic components of the huge image. Crush them.

Test, fine tune, deploy. Getting and keeping customers. Make money.

No credit check loans for businesses

A company has constant need of immediate liquidity must be in cash all company payments to its suppliers or suppliers. However, if the owner of the company and have a bad credit in your name, it may be difficult for home to get instant loans from any financial lender who would be considered high risk. A previous history of non-payment of their financial loans is not good news for a person trying to get business loans urgently. However, some financial lenders have developed a particular category of loans for this type of entrepreneurs who have a bad credit history but require urgent money for your business. Therefore, if you also belong to this category of people, then you could easily apply to loans no credit check business in order to meet their urgent need for liquidity for the daily work of your business.

Financial lenders offering loans no credit check business does not require verification of credit history of the borrower. The documented their existing business records evidence is sufficient to get loans no credit check business easily. So, as a business owner with a bad credit rating, all you have to do is locate these reliable and reputed to be extended a loan for your business needs financial lenders. Even if you are starting a new adventure and need capital to do so, you could get money through this type of business loans, despite a bad credit history. The

No credit check business loans are readily available to any business, whether small or medium or large. In addition, women entrepreneurs may have specific terms and conditions that make more convenient availability of such loans for them. Therefore, before applying for the loan, learn about the different options available to you then select a financial plan that best suits your monetary needs. Different loan plans the agency usually have separate interest rates and it is best to compare rates with some other reputable lenders before signing on the dotted line of the contract. Once you are completely satisfied with the terms and conditions and rates charged could go ahead and apply online for the type of loan you want.

The loans no credit check business is a high risk investment for the financial lender and therefore interest rates are bound to be a little on the higher side compared to the other forms, secured loan. Therefore, you should also check if you can get lower rates if you are going to opt for unsecured business loans secured against. Once you have applied, loan approvals are usually instant and you can get immediate access to cash at short notice specified. Therefore, whenever there is a financial crisis in your business, apply for these loans and meet all their financial needs for your business easily.

Easy Loan

Finance is always a major issue when it comes to starting a new business. You can have different ideas and innovative plans, but I can not think to move on, if you do not have sufficient funds. New business loan is a loan option made specifically to help all people, whatever you need to start a new business. New business loan can provide sufficient funds for a budding entrepreneur for various business purposes.

When applying for a new business loan, a businessman gets an option to choose new secured new business loan or unsecured business loan. Well, a borrower can choose a secured business loan if you can offer any collateral against the loan amount. Well, offering the guarantee or collateral helps the borrower as he gets some advantages automatically. Usually, the new loan secured business comes with a massive amount of loan and longer repayment period. Besides these advantages, the borrower also get flexibility in terms and conditions due to the involvement of collateral.

On the other hand, the new unsecured business loan is the only option for someone unable to offer security or collateral against the loan amount. Well, in those cases, the borrower would get the loan amount quickly due to work involving minor role, but a lender does not permit a longer repayment period.

To find a new business loan is not a difficult task, but a borrower must have all papers related before requesting new business loan. Moreover, a borrower must do a thorough research on a new business loan to avoid any confusion in the future.

How to get a business loan with bad credit – CLICK HERE Hello friends, my name is Joe Gomez and I am here today to such. . .

Restaurant Business Loans

Do not listen to them. Many, of course, say that could be dangerous "go it alone" when you are looking for franchise financing loans.

Can you really get a loan franchise business without any outside help? Its certainly possible, and we will share some tips, tricks, strategies and information about its likely do it yourself strategy – but we will also demonstrate why some professional assistance along the road to success will ensure you are looking for in its franchise business acquisition.

Of course, there are some possible real bumps in the road on their way to the success of the franchise. You need to be sure, of course, to the extent that you can be, your business will be profitable. But every business is of course a risk if it is General Motors or your vision of your own service or restaurant business as an example. It is essential to maximize the opportunities it has to examine the potential for profit. These gains by the way, of course, what to repay those loans to finance the franchise.

Along the way on your journey franchise that has numerous methods for determining financial success. A good start is closely watching its prospectus franchisors and information – even though such information might be for the "average" franchise which gives a good sense of the probable gain versus the risks.

Not forget of course the risk is that you not only are borrowing funds for the franchise, but their own personal capital injection in business is a key part of the package of franchise financing in general is very likely to occur. So working to minimize the risk of business failure franchise. Get

Costs to and understood. That is some of the best advice we can offer. We advise our clients to look at the total picture, including indirect costs, hard costs, some of which may be funded, not all. Usually equity owner can use to cover these "indirect costs" is recommended, such as the franchise fee, etc.

Try also to match revenues with expenses -. That might make perfect sense to lease some of those "hard assets" of the franchise to match the economic benefits you get from these assets with the useful economic life of the asset Want an explanation ? Simple that Example: If you are starting a restaurant and a fridge or cooler is, say 75,000.00 Does not it make sense to finance that say 2k per month on a lease instead of using the valuable assets and working capital and pay cash. We think so. Would not you?

So how franchises are actually fund in Canada. We focus on a total package that could include long-term franchise loan, a loan of . Working capital and the appropriate amount of external financing through financial, such as equipment leasing vehicle Behold the big surprise in loan financing Canadian franchise – just that most franchises are financed from the loan program government called the BIL / CSBF program. By the way, has an incredible rate, terms, structures and limited personal guarantee. What more could you ask for.

So, in short, is it possible to go it alone in the Canadian franchise financing business? It is, but a better solution might be to work with a financial advisor Canadian business confidence, credibility and experience to craft your package according to the situation and available financial needs and particular. Go on, but with a suitable partner when necessary is a good thing sometimes.

Looking for restaurant business loans? Learn how to get business loans for re. . .

Need Credit Cards

Money is not everything. There are checks, money orders and credit cards. By starting your own business, there is a way for you to get a much needed capital, too. This way is called credit card small business financing. Small

Credit card business financing, also known as credit cards starting small business, is a great way to keep your personal finances and business separate.

Personal Credit Card Versus Small Business Financing Credit Card
In the past and even today, a lot of entrepreneurs rely on their personal credit to get your business going. The problem with this is that bear the debt of their business on their personal credit cards. Ultimately end up hurting your personal credit ratings.

This is where credit cards to finance small businesses come in. They offer higher credit limit. Also, keep business and personal expenses separate, which is a simple program to track tax deductions. More importantly, you may cancel finance charges its financing business credit cards for small and annual fees.

Why Get a small business financing credit card

1. Build
credit card credit small business finance is a good way to build a financial history. Your business is a start-up; is not known. This makes it difficult for your business to get loans. A small credit card business financing will remedy this. It will provide banks with traces of expenditure that needs to reassert you are a responsible borrower.

2. Avoid intermingling

When it comes to managing your expense, one thing you should always do. Separate, segregate, separate. Do not mix business and personal transactions. This could later create tax and money management problems.

3. Prevent Shoebox Accounting

is always a nightmare to track business expenses. With a small card business financing credit, however, you can convert the nightmare you can adjust easily. Your credit card company will give you a year-end statement where you can find your transaction summary, detail, and categorized. With such report available, no need to keep a shoebox stacked with receipts.

4. Special Rewards

industry credit cards is what competitive suppliers fall over themselves to attract borrowers. Accordingly, a rewards program and discounts for users of small business credit cards was developed. Every time you use your credit card financing small business, you qualify for discounts and benefits, ranging from office equipment and airline tickets to telephone services.

Managing Your Credit Card Financing Small Indeed
credit cards, whether personal or corporate, will always be open to abuse. Effectively manage your card small business financing credit through: 1. Limiting card jumps

course, you qualify for multiple cards, but this does not mean you must register. You should not. This will only tempt you to overspend. Will damage your credit rating, too.

2. Clear Direction

Cash advances Never use this function
credit card unless you need to bail himself out of jail. Comes with rates of whooping credit cards and interest costs.

3. Avoid late payments
The payments are delinquent, the higher fees and interest rates that would be charged with. Moreover, late payments hurt your credit reputation.

4. Use of grace

Several companies offer a grace period of 21 days before asking customers to pay for purchases. Turn this to your advantage by developing a schedule of purchases and payments.

Use your credit card small business financing wisely. Remember, credit cards should be a financial safety net, not a trap.