Everyone is feeling the spring when everything is recovering. If you want your own health, then you must pay attention to spring health. Spring is a season full of flowers. Regardless of the ages of men and women, as long as they make good use of spring time, they canRead More →

[Introduction] I am 38 years old and have strong sexual function. I have heard from my friends that sexual intercourse is frequent and excessive, which can easily lead to kidney deficiency and loss of life. Dr. Sex, is there any harm in interrupting sexual intercourse? After marriage, it is aRead More →

A French doctor announced on the 8th that he had successfully performed a full face transplant on a man with a genetic defect. According to medical professionals, the operation is more difficult than any previous face-changing operation. The French doctor Laurent Landieri carried out this complete facial transplant operation atRead More →

Good rain knows the season, when spring is happening. As the wind dives into the night, the moisturise is silent. The intermittent spring rain, with the gradually warmer weather, the human body s various functions began to slowly wake from the cold winter. However, it s the hardest thing toRead More →

It is said that it is a good season for spring, so does the baby stop growing in the cold winter? Of course not, the younger the baby grows faster every day! And the energy accumulation in winter is also a strong guarantee for the growth of children s heightRead More →